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Business owner

Hello, I’m Beatrice, I’m half French/half African, I live in the Netherlands and I am crazy about Japan. From 2008 to 2010, I lived in Tokyo with my Dutch husband and our 5 kids. When I came back to Amsterdam, I wanted to do something that would keep me close to Japan, a fantastic country where I left a piece of my heart. So I started a small online shop called “Japan is fun”. Over the years it evolved in “Japanese Craft Center”, a studio where I give classes in sashiko (the form of embroidery I specialized myself in), boro, visible mending, kogin-zashi… and an online shop with everything you need for your sashiko and for many different kinds of crafts from Japan. If you are in the Netherlands, have a look at the classes that you can attend to, and if you are abroad and you need some materials, you can order them here. Thanks for you interest in my blog 😉

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  • Handcrafts
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