Make an OVERSIZED shopping bag

Beautiful tatami-beri bag!

Today I want to show you how to make a beautiful bag using tatami-beri. Most of you probably don’t know what tatami-beri are so let me explain that to you. First of all a tatami is a mat made from rice straw that is used as a floor covering in traditional Japanese rooms. They usually have brocade or plain fabric edges (heri) on the long sides. Tatami-beri (heri becomes beri when attached to the word tatami) is a highly appreciated fabric that consists of a combination of polyethylene yarn, polypropylene yarn, polyester yarns and glossy cotton yarn. The choice of creative and colorful designs seems to be endless. In the past, the colors and patterns showed the social status of a family or the social position of someone. In Japan, for more than a decade, the beautiful ribbons have also been used to make bags and accessories. Tatami-beri is light as a feather but still sturdy, it feels soft, it is flexible and bendable. So it’s a great material to make handy and stylish bags. You can wear them every day or only for special occasions. You can also make original hair accessories, purse and other fun objects… and it’s surprisingly simple. Today I will show you how to make an oversized shopping bag. I hate doing groceries but having 5 kids (and a very tall husband), you’ll understand that this activity is a big part of my life. I’m fed up of the ugly plastic bags (they are ugly because I keep them as long as possible) so I’m ready for something new: glam grocery shopping. I thought I invented this expression but it’s already on the internet… Anyways, if you want to look good and do something good for the environment while shopping, follow the steps for your new heri shopping bag!

You can order your tatami-beri here.

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