Make an OVERSIZED shopping bag

This is what you need: 12 meters of tatami-beri, sewing machine, pins, scissors and measuring tape.

Cut 8 stripes of tatami-beri. Each stripe is 110 cm long.

Don’t hesitate to mix different colours!undefined

Take 2 stripes and pin them together by putting one under the other.undefined

Sew them together. I used pink thread and saw on the pink line.undefined

Go on until all the stripes are sewn together.

You’ll get a big rectangular shape.

Fold it inside out and pin the edges together. The wrong side of the heri that I am using is almost as beautiful as the right side. Sew the edges together.

To box the bottom corners, keep your “bag” inside out, fold the 2 bottom corners in a triangle shape.

Draw a line 16 cm long going from one side of the triangle to the other side.

Sew over the lines and turn your “bag” right side out. Inside the “bag”, you’ll see 2 corners. You can clip them off but I chose to leave them like this.

With the box bottom corners, your bag will be able to stand.

For the bag handles, I need 2 stripes 80 cm long. Fold them in 2 lengthwise and pin them. Sew the edges together.undefined

Put one handle on the right side of the bag and choose its position. Here, the distance between the side edge of the bag and the handle is 14 cm. Pin de handles to the bag. You can sew them already but I sew them at the next stage.

The next stage is making the edge of the bag. For that I will need a about 110 cm of heri. I just pin a stripe around the bag. If you didn’t sew the handles, don’t forget to remove the pins you used for them before placing the edge on top of them and secure the handles and the edge immediately so that the handles stay at them same place.

Now I can sew the entire top of the bag. Your edge is still open at one side and start sewing a few cm from there. Sew everything together but don’t hesitate to sew back and forth a few times on the handles to secure them.

When you arrive at the end of the edge, stop sewing. Now you will close the edge by sewing it vertically, from top to bottom. Try to sew as close as possible to be bag.Clip the edge off.Sew the last cm of the edge.

Pull the edge up. Fold the edge inside the bag and pin it all around the top of the bag.

Sew all around the bag. If the seam is at the bottom of the edge, it won’t flip open.

Congratulations! You did it! You just created your first oversized shopping bag made of tatami-beri! It’s unique, beautiful and you won’t have to use ugly and environmentally unfriendly bags to do your groceries. You can also use it as a beach bag 😉

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I love Japan and its crafts and I will be happy to teach them to you :-)

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